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Sunday, November 30, 2003
Turkey...not the country...

Turkey...good...make Chet sleepy!

New Christmas album from TG Trio. Don't want to miss out...

tired...must eat more...


Tuesday, November 25, 2003
Great Moments In Sports History

So I was walking out of a bar with my friends, about 30 seconds before last call. Let me back up so this'll make more sense. I was out at a show (the Shins, it was amazing, I actually ran into an old proffessor there.) down the street at a place called the Dickson Street Theater, and afterwards this girl wanted to go to a different bar called JR's, which has an upstairs where it's kinda a restaurant and a downstairs where bands play. It's kind of the indie rock place to go. A lot of people from the show were there, oddly. I don't know why, but we went. It was really lame so we left after about five minutes.

So anyway we were leaving as a group of big-ass dudes were walking in. One of 'em asked me if there was a band playing and I'm all like, "Uh, I dunno." Then Tony Freakin' Bua turns to me and goes, "dude, you were just in there how could you not know if a band was playing?"

That's the story of how I almost got tackled by the record-holding free safety for the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Well I'm going to go get my run on (and my run-on on), so pray for my shins.

Stank You Smelly Much

Sunday, November 23, 2003

None for me, thanks. I'm too big of a wuss to let a needle that close to me.

In other news, I passed the multi-engine checkride the other day. I am now qualified to fly anything with a max takeoff weight of less than 12,500 pounds (provided it doesn't have true turbojets, is on floats, or has a conventional landing gear [tail dragger]) Anything else that is classified as an airplane is fair game... so yes, I could fly a King Air BE-200.... (sweet!)

Just for some fun, check out this short video I shot in the Duchess the other day, it'll give you a real appreciation for having two engines... despite being twice as likely to have an engine failure.

Let's have a picture of Eric's haircut...

Jeff C.

P.S. Paul?!? Where are you? Get your posterior in here and post!


Arkansas weather is the best. Yesterday it got into the mid 70's and this morning it was nice and 60-ish. NOW, 2 hours later it is freakin' cold. So the cold that I had, which became the walking pneumonia of the early part of the week, which turned into the not so bad cold, has now become Flumonia. Unfortunately, they do not make a shot for least I don't think they do. Anyway, a mixture of warm convogination and NyQuil® fixed it...

Congrats to eric on his new Haircut and his new tattoo. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! You know, we might as well run with that for awhile. So who is gonna get the next tattoo? I predict it will be the captain. A nice big Cesna 170 on his chest!!


Wednesday, November 19, 2003
$1.50...thats what it takes...

OK...Remember that I warned you. Nobody ever listens to me... "You know Henry, that name Edsel, I don't think it will sell...", "New Coke? Nope, stick with the good stuff...", "I understand Justice Bob, but gay marriages???"

You should listen to me. I'm no Yoda, but I could eat him in one who is wiser??? Heck, after eating him, I would take his carcas to Earl Schibe get it painted for $99.95...

Remember, Panther first release...BAD! Wait til fixes released...GOOD!! I didn't use the word ***** I used chump. We don't use words like that around here. You play nice you naughty, naughty poop head.


Your Mother...

Creative... but so's your mother.

It's running great actually, and I didn't even activate the encryption... not that I care...
Apple didn't make me their b*tch, because Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man, that he didn't, didn't already have.

Jeff C.

Panther and Maniacal Laughter...

It got bugs
yes it do
who gonna crash?
how 'bout you!

Its encryption goes south
loses all your stuff
when you call me to fix
I'm gonna say "tough"

It has so many problems
your head you will itch
looks like apple did it again
they made you their...chump...



Monday, November 17, 2003
Maniacal Laughter...

I've got Panther!
Yes I do!
I've got Panther!
How 'bout you?

Jeff C.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003
What exactly is college material??

So i went to walmart, in that section your mom always made you go to, the section comprable to hancocks fabrick store, and i started my search.... my search for college material, apparently im not college materal, so i need to find some.... and start dressing in nothing but college material... but i couldnt find the material, and if you cant find something at walmart, we all know what that means... it doesnt exist. So that brings about the question == What is college material?? does it exist, is it only available to certain people, am i going to have to make out w/a hottie in fayetteville to in fact recieve the material?? WTF mate!?!!? this is a pretty funny video, all though it doesnt help my search any, it does lighten the mood.

ps. i couldnt get the dang hyperlink thing to work, but its caz im not internet material.... i better start looking for it too.
pss: I fixed it for you...I gots college material....Manteca

Sunday, November 09, 2003
I am Jeff's fed-up spirit...

Ok, so I watched Fight Club, and I think it might have screwed me up, or maybe enlightened me... either way. If I start referring to myself in the third person, or you guys see me beating myself up in a parking lot, be sure to pull one of those group-intervention-things. You know the type, it will more than likely involve pulling me into an unmarked van with Mr. T, or Hannibal from the A-Team driving. (Cue the music, and he says something like, "Stay off the drugs, and drink your milk.")

Anyway, so the weather has screwed me over for about three weeks straight. I have two simple little flights to do before I become a "Commercial Pilot: Airplane Multi-engine Land Instrument Airplane" pilot. Only trouble is, I've got to get up to six thousand feet to actually shut an engine down in flight (that's right, you look out the window and see one of the props feathered and standing at attention.) Low ceilings and maintanence troubles have plagued my checkride, so at the moment I'm not really doing much of anything... since I dropped physics like a bad habit.

Props to Paul for making out with the smart-hottie. (Does she have a smart-hottie friend...) As you can imagine, there aren't many females in my area of study, and the ones that are usually come with quite a bit of emotional baggage. Man... where do all the smart, southern-baptist, conservative chicks hang out? Seriously, I think I need to attend a college republicans meeting or something, I'm getting about as pathetic as Kyle was a few summers ago.

Jeff C.
Yay, go Razorbacks... we just got our arse's handed to us... for the second week in a row. Oh well, go Pokes!

Seven-Letter Word For "School On Saturday"

I need a beer. Actually, I don't need a beer. Retroactively at least. I've been putting off doing my QM for like a week because I thought it would be easy. Turns out it's incredibly hard. Not just like I know why it's hard, it's that kind of New York Times Crossword on a Sunday hard, where it's stuff you vaguely recognize but you don't know the answer. I think I can fake it this time though.

On a brighter note, I totally made out with this chick. I guess I shouldn't be counting my chickens before they hatch (unless the chicken comes first, right?), but she's cute as hell (and a million times smarter than me) and demanded that I call her later. She's sort of supposed to be The Girl That This Other Guy Was Supposed To Be About To Nab, but screw him. I used to live with the guy (Ray), and he was a stinky vegetarian who totally stole my goshdamn shower curtain. Besides, for all I know she was tired of listening to Ray talk about how well-rounded and punk rock he is.

So long story short, Physics sucks, and tricking chicks into thinking you're cool does not.

Man, that crazy guy is still wandering the computer lab. Pleasedon'tsitnexttome pleasedontsitnexttome.

Oh yeah I forgot congrats to the Razorbacks on their 84-77 victory against a freakin' exhibition team made up of a bunch of old guys. Lookout Cowboys, we're gunnin for ya this year! (Later Note: I was referring to our basketball team's not-so victory. I guess it wasn't that bad, but they let a team with no coach and a fat guy score 77 points against them. Maybe the strategy was "screw it they're not going to win who gives a crap about defense.")


Thursday, November 06, 2003
Matrix Revolutions...

Well, disappointment strikes again. The hailed conclusion to the matrix series ends on a bed of disgusting plot and a side of horrible acting. While I'm sure that the matrix series started out with the best of intentions, it surely has decayed into the festering detritus that became Matrix Revolutions.

In the beginning, it was cool. People in computer programs, the ultimate in 3d gaming experience. (check out those frame rates, and the anti aliasing is awesome!) Wow, some cool moves, I wonder if I really am dreaming, maybe I could fly up to the front of the class and kick that guy's ass with ease. Rene Descartes contemplated reality and existentialism (sp?) long before the matrix maniacs ever did.

So on to the movie, I made the mistake of attending on opening night. People cheered... that's right... they cheered... a movie. I counted no less than three people dressed up as Neo, and I wanted to Ro-Sham-Bo every single one of them in an attempt to chlorinate the gene pool. Besides the depressing audience, the movie became such a hokey pokey fest that if it got any cheesier, Velveeta would have sued for copyright infringement. At least it wasn't government cheese.

To avoid giving away anything from those of you who may cling to hope that it is in fact good, I will cease my accurate description. God speed, and might I suggest waiting until this one comes out on video... or make a friend pay... or just sneak in... if it's worth your time.

Jeff C.
"Some people have a southern accent. Trisha is a severe hottie..."

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
Good lord its November!!!

Well, I was attacked by the living dead during Halloween... Not really, but I had no idea how I would start this post out. This is one of the hardest posts I have ever had to write. I have been diagnosed with systematic, gastrointestinal arthritis. I know it sounds scary, and believe me it is. Every time I fart it hurts, my knees buckle, I pass out and fall down...

OK, seriously, we have dropped the ball once again. We need to do some major posting... I don't CARE what you write. It can be as stupid as the stuff I write or it can be serious...kinda like the link between Arnold Schwartzenegger and the Aliens from Venus controlling the worlds Olive supply. Thats a true one... I SAW IT ON THE INTERNET!

(Dang, my contact fell out, blink, blink, Now I will , blink, blink, have to read this with, blink, blink, ONe Eye)


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