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Sunday, October 24, 2010
I'm back with a vengence!

I wonder if a certain, retired high school principal would approve.


Saturday, January 09, 2010
Convoginators is dead... Long live Convoginators!

Since no one else has yet made a tombstone post I figure the honor falls to me. Here lies Alas, it is dead. Yet weep not little ones! This is but a shell, left for those who wax nostalgic. There is yet hope! Convoginatorius Bloggius lives on in a better place:! Convoginators forever!

Friday, January 01, 2010
Gov Wars Episode 1

In this new year I think we should all be more conscious of the riffraff bums disadvantaged among us. This economic downturn has affected all of us, even the best of us...

I'm sure you recognize our mutual associate Mr. Fett. Once a thriving bounty hunter, Mr. Fett's employer (Hutt Ltd.) was forced to let him go due to a hostile takeover by Royal Organa Industries. Rather than seeking re-employment as a bounty hunter, Mr. Fett instead sought an alternative life-course. When interviewed Mr. Fett had this to say:

"I realized that I was spending way too much time working, and not enough time having fun. So, I decided to embrace the inner nomad like so many of the people I hunted in my last life. The wonderful United States government takes care of me now. I have health insurance, a place to stay, food stamps, all provided for me. Now I can finally take up my passion as an accordion-wielding street performer."

Mr. Fett then went on to play a toe-tapping, knee-slapping polka for various gathered Jawas.


OK gang! Let's all make sure we try and blog today! Make 2010 the year of the Convoginator!

Peace, Love and Chocolate milk to everyone!

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Once more 'round the bend

In just a few more hours our little planet will have made it around our little sun once more. How little? This little.

Sunday, December 27, 2009
A new year of stupidity is right around the corner.

Sorry I haven't been "blogging" as of late. I have so much to say, just so little grammar to say it with. I did however run across this beautiful little tidbit.

Berkeley High School is considering a controversial proposal to eliminate science labs and the five science teachers who teach them to free up more resources to help struggling students.

link: Berkeley High May Cut Out Science Labs | News | East Bay Express

Please read the entire article. I think you will find the whole thing racially intimidating and a little, well, stupid. I do believe it is just one more indicator as to the ridiculousness that is the current administration, and the party that it represents.

Mark my words. There are bad times coming. These bad times will unfortunately affect every aspect of this country. White, black, yellow, brown, rich, poor, educated, uneducated, etc. We won't realize it until we are in the middle of it.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year!

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